Monday, April 14, 2008

Guess how much I like you

When C1 was a kid one of my favorite books to read with her was guess how much i love you. It was great time together and very interactive at bedtime. Now she's a preteen testing my patience on a daily basis. So anyway The Jonas brothers are coming to town, this time with avril lavigne and not hanahh montana/miley cyrus. That being said and since i couldn't get tickets last time i decided i'd be a great mom and buy tix to her favorite band. I'm at ticket*aster about to check out and its giving me seats that aren't great but aren't too bad, out at check at the price comes up


For 2 tix. not to far from the back rows. at an outdoor arena. in july. in the fucking south.

Turns out a firend of mine's daughter writes jonas fan fiction. I'll just print some out and have her read it. I like her but maybe not that much. Because it its rains then I'm never going to get over shelling out that money. I sat through high school musical on ice and trust me that's love. They do have lawn seats for $20 a pop. I'm debating buying those because then if it rains i don't fell so bad losing my money.

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