Friday, April 25, 2008

buzz buzz RUN!!

Last weekend i got run out of my house by bees/hornets/wasps. I don't know and don't care which of the previous 3 it was i just know they ran me and c1 out of the house and over to the ex's sister's house. Lucky for us she has a big ole house so me and c1 got the guest room which has its own bathroom. Bad other then the obvious, is that me and c1 had to share a bed. Nothing like getting slapped in the head at 3 am, kicked in the back at 4 and slapped again at 6am.

So like i was saying BEES! c1 was in the living room when she called me to tell me we had a bee in the house. i killed it only to have her comment about all the bees flying around on the patio. I thought it was rather odd too and as i go into my room there's a bee in my bedroom. While killing that one c1 starts screaming there's another bee in the house. I swear i killed 25 bees before the maintenance guy showed up 90 minutes later. he sprayed all the windows and doors and we left. the exterminator showed up on tuesday to catch the queen and remove the hive. I should have taken a picture. apparently the hive was in the dryer vent of an empty apartment. I'm bug free now and that's all i care about. I did have to email my teacher's asking for extensions on work since i had no idea when i was going to get internet access to submit my assignments and well school work was the last thing on my mind.

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