Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How a nail polish company convinced me to paint more than my toes

My #Julep maven box. 2 bottles of polish, masc...
My Julep Maven box. 2 bottles of polish, mascara and a sample of foot scrub. via notthecar
If you've ever met me you know i wear flip-flops, open toe shoes and sandals or walk around barefoot as much as humanly possible. Because of this my toes are always polished. I like polishing my toenails and i like to use vibrant, funky colors. I almost never paint my fingernails because they chip without days, sometimes hours. I made the mistake of getting a manicure for a close friend's wedding 2 days before the wedding, half my fingernails were chips or peeling by the afternoon of the wedding. I know that i am hard on my nail and so thats why i just don't paint them. Always bare rarely even have clear on.

When i came across Julep, i was pulled in my the colors. My toenails are currently aqua and were previously neon yellow. I figured i'd sign up at the very least to get some cool colors to put on my toenails. I took the Julep Maven quiz and got the result Classic with a Twist. Think Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Lean Lorne. While i love those classy looks i never keep my polish that tame. Turns out you after locked into it. I looked at the other introduction boxed and decided i was more intrigued by the Bombshell box.

The bombshell intro box came with 2 polishes and a full size mascara. Each box comes with free sample and in this case i got a foot scrub sample. The colors were lovely but we really roped me in was the staying power. it took a full  days before i saw any chips without a single touch up.

Trying out one of the shades in my #julep welc...
Day 1 (via notthecar)
My #julep polish 7 days later. I am highly imp...
Day 7  (via notthecar)

The Julep system is a subscription service, each month you get a hand selected box in your style profile to purchase for $19.99. You are given a few days to change to a different box, skip the box, buy a few discounted add-ons, or if you do nothing your box skips automatically to your home. Sounds simple right? Its really easy to sign up. Visit Julep.com (afflilate link) and complete your style profile. Afterwards you can select the introductory box that matches your profile. Enter the code "FREEBOX" and your intro box will be free.

Take the style quiz and tell me what style are you?


DISCLOSURE: I received a free intro box and was not asked to review or compensated in any way for this review. I am an active subscription member of Julep and this post contains affiliate links. 
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