Monday, April 15, 2013

Driving down Highway 40

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Its been almost 1 year since C1 has been legally old enough to drive. It was never a question of if she would be able to drive it was always a question of when. I knew that i wasn’t going to have the smiling kid pictures taken shortly after their birthdays with brand new learners permits. It makes me a little sad nonetheless but i know that’s not our life. I wasn’t sure how long it would be but its looking like that time is now.

I’ve talked with many parents with children on the spectrum who are older than C1. they all agree learning to drive is another life skill that is harder for them than most and should be filed as one of those “milestone” markers we’ve long since learned to disregard. I still did my due diligence of reading the handbook or driver’s Ed and getting an insurance quote so i would know what needed to happen when she finally brought up the subject. 

That didn’t make me less worried... just more prepared. 

It looks like that time is now.

Today C1 brought home the drivers Ed form to sign her up for class. This wasn’t unprompted, we has decided she could try this summer. We’ve talked about it but i know that there’s an equal chance of her failing. I’ve taken her on one driving lesson in an empty parking lot. My knuckles were an awesome shade or white that afternoon. I also know that the road from Learner’s permit to license is longer for children on the spectrum. Some say this is great because you have more practice and breathing room, but even constant practice can agitate the most patient people. I’ve tried to mentally prepare myself if she fails, 1, twice 6 times as a fellow parent of a child with ASD has experienced. I’ve tried to acknowledge private practice driving may go hours and hours beyond the state required amount. I’ve accepted that in a little for 2 years when she’ turns 18 she might still not have a driver’s license. This is my reality. It doesn’t make it easier, just more shaky.


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