Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Victoria's Secret wants to dress your tween? Not so fast

Lately lots of parents have been up in arms over the new Victoria's Secret campaign slogan "Bright Young Things" it seems many have taken this to be advertising towards middle school girls and the tween crowd despite the ads like this which feature women who don't remotely resemble a 11 year old girl. So what gives?
Cached view of Victoria's Secret Bright Young Things campaign
I dare say its people jumping to conclusions. The open letter from a father has since gone viral but does that mean he's right? He's a reverend so his faith plays into this but a better question is are their any items from Vickie's in his daughter's room? The slogan features adult women. The line it's promoting is the long standing PINK line which while its meant to be worn by the college crowd as its more fun than sexy, it's a very bad kept secret that teenagers are frequently in the PINK bins buying said items. So who's at fault here? Is your 11 year old clamoring for these panties? If so and you buy them did somebody twist your arm? If you didn't no harm no foul. Before you get upset about the idea that a slogan which doesn't feature Tweens in the ads as a problem, ask yourself if they are really talking to your child. As I write this an ad for Victoria's Secret is on TV. It's after 9pm. It's not 2pm and I'm not watching Nickelodeon.  
Cached view of Victoria's Secret Bright Young Things campaign
C1 is 15 and doesn't own anything from Victoria's Secret. I know I check. I haven't been able to wear a bra from Vickie's since I was her age because they don't carry large cup sizes. While I can rant for days about the untrained saleswomen who will tell you you fit a bra they sell just because you wear under a 40 band even though you know the cups stop at D are besides the point. I clearly don't love this store but I still shop there and you can't escape the advertising at the front of the store. We pass it every time we are at the mall, all the pink screams at you. 

Victoria's Secret Black Friday at Westfield Sa...
Victoria's Secret Black Friday at Westfield San Francisco Centre 2009 (Photo credit: Steve Rhodes)
Sometimes ad slogans are misdirected. In this case Victoria's Secret doesn't deserve the scorn of the masses. Even so because of the outrage The page is no longer up. Its been replaced with a campaign for a summer dance party, also aimed at College students. 

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