Saturday, January 26, 2013

Watching history - Inauguration 2013

Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson
Photo Credit - Lawrence Jackson
Four years ago When President Obama was sworn into office, it was a snow day here in NC. The schools were closed, there's a nice amount of snow on the ground and I was up early working from home on Swedish time so I could communicate with people in the home office. Around the time the festivities started I called C1 into my room she climbed into my bed to watch the inauguration with me.  It was a historical event and I noticed she was sleep some time while Aretha Franklin was singing. I think she was drawn into the fact that I never let her sleep in my bed and my room was nice and toasty!

Obama Inauguration 2009

This week the inauguration fell on Martin Luther King Jr day so she was home again. The night before we spent talking about many of Dr. King's accomplishments, I told her some of the stories my grandmother used to tell me when I was younger about when she marched with him and how well she knew his wife Coretta.

Obama family swearing in. Photo via Official White House images
Photo Credit - Sonya N. Hebert
One inauguration day, I got up and tuned in. my how things change! I checked in on Get Glue, I checked what was happening on twitter and facebook from my iPad and I didn't have to wake C1 up, she had just finished her breakfast when I invited her watch with me again this year. This year she sat near the foot of my bed, and asked many questions. We remarked on how much Sasha and Malia had grown. She asked if Sasha was taller than she was (she is) she asked questions about our government processes, who some of the performers were, we talked about simple things too like the hats people in the crowd were wearing. It was a moment that I’m glad we got to share together. I'm keenly aware that in this digital age doing things as a family is so rare and when historic events happen its a once in a lifetime event and its a memory you want to share with your family. Spending time together as a family is about creating memories and stories to pass along and that's the important part.

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