Friday, August 10, 2012

NC Politics the movie - The Campaign

Politics is rigged. Thats the big message behind The Campaign. The movie decides to take a few pop shots at our local election process. As a North Carolinian I was pretty excited to see how this turned out. I mean we already get so much airtime on The Daily Show and the Colbert Report  (video links) lets aim for the big screen shall we?

Cam Brady (Will Ferrell) is the incumbent congressman from the 14th district in North Carolina. He's got great hair ala John Edwards, a hot wife, 2 kids and likes to bang anything that moves. He's also clearly not that bright. When the Motch brothers played by Dan Aykroyd and John Lithgow 2 very rich well connected CEO's, think Haliburton run by a set of brothers, decide they want to get something passed through congress because they are basically selling parts of the state to China, they look to get someone to run against Cam. The go with Marty Huggins (Zach Galifianakis), the flamboyant but straight and married with 2 kids, son of one of the most powerful campaign managers ever, to groom and run. Marty would do anything to make his father proud so when they bring in Tim as his campaign manager, played hilariously by Dylan McDermott, Marty has some problems but he listens. His tagline “its a mess” is used as his message to clean up politics and do well by his town. He's in it for 2 reasons his dad and because he thinks this will make Hammond a better place. Cam on the other hand is a career politician who is in it for the free time, perks and paycheck.

The comedy really ramps up when the mudslinging happens, the baby punching from the trailers is even better, complete with the news broadcasting in slow-mo. I was in tears. They each try as hard as possible to get the other, there's a Chaney style hunting accident, a DUI, and even a sex tape. Its crazy. The movie does try to slow itself back down after a while when Huggins has a change of heart but it takes off again when Tim switches sides after Cam's campaign manager (Jason Sudeikis) quits because Cam is self-destructing. The Motch brothers realize Cam has no problems selling out to the highest bidder.

The movie ends on the election night results and there's a bonus scene during the credits of what happens later. There's some funny cameos from Jack McBrayer and John Goodman during the “honesty moment” and because they wanted to at least stay somewhat true there's product placement of Cheerwine in the film. What? I love me some Cheerwine, its in the fridge right now.

I give this movie a matinee. Its funny, raunchy and pokes funny at politics. In an election year that’s always welcome in my book. Sure some people might get offended there's quite a few stereotypes throughout this film but its a parody so just deal with it.

The Campaign is rated R.


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