Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just say OK, and be happy you have OnStar

Kayaking in Canarsie, Brooklyn
Kayaking in Canarsie, Brooklyn (Photo credit: shymuse)
I was looking at my cell phone usage from February and saw i talked about 6000 minutes. I'm old school i'm one of those people who has an iPhone surgically attached to my hand but i use it to talk. You know i still have a major sleeping issue but after me and TOM reconnected we had a lot to talk about and those nights when i couldn't sleep it was so easy to text "are you awake?" and then call when the answer was yes.

I few months ago i went to go spend some time taking care of my grandmother as she recovered from knee surgery, it also gave me a lot of face time with TOM including a drive down to Canarsie Pier to talk. We haven't been down there in a few years. The last time he decided to take some pictures of me when i was lost in thought. The sound of the rolling waves does that to me.

We talked for hours that night, about life, love, the past, our favorite songs on the radio. I spent a good amount of time with my legs draped across his lap, something we did shortly after we started dating. it was a natural position for us to be in as we talked or watched TV. He would often say he couldn't wait to see me again so we could go back to our lap/leg moments. It was calming and connecting which is different for me. i don't cuddle I'm not big on snuggling so the fact we naturally fell into it always made me realize we just went together.

Somewhere after a Guns N Roses song, he asked me to sit up. i reluctantly did, made a joke about him being all serious like he was going to do something and then he grabbed my hands. I was still smiling but noticed a change in his demeanor that i couldn't place so i just shrugged it off. He asked some pointed questions about his upcoming move, how we needed to start house hunting in a month or 2 and how he was really looking forward to it. So he asked me about if i remembered the sentimental significance of the 2 rings he wears. I of course rambled on and on and then went into a tangent about the ring he lost that i loved so much and planned to replace for him later this year. I also mention that I've never put his remaining rings on my fingers only the lost one because i want the exact same ring. He asks why not? i mentioned because i knew they all had sentimental value for you and they wouldn't fit anyway.

So he takes one off, opens my hand fingers pointing up and slides it onto my thumb.
I laughed and said, "see i told you my fingers are too small".
He smiled and said well lets see, slid it off my thumb and moved it to my next finger.
Again i laughed and mentioned how i swear I'm going to find out my ring size one of these days.
He smiles again moves the ring to my middle finger and tells me I'm beautiful.

At that moment i stopped laughing. Is this really happening? i have no words everything he's saying to me i'm just nodding and saying OK. The words are swimming in my head, i'm confused what's going on here? He takes the ring off my middle finger and slides it pinky.

I exhale. I'm still confused why is he so serious? he tells me he loves me and he will never leave me again. He tells me how excited me is for this next chapter in our life. He cracks a joke, he tells me again i'm beautiful and then he moves it from my pinky to my ring finger and asks me to marry him.

My answer...


and i say OK at least 6 more times because that just happened.

The icing on the cake? A few minutes later my car battery died.

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