Friday, April 27, 2012

Movie Review: The Five-Year Engagement

On the 1 year anniversary of the day they met Tom and Violet get engaged. They don't originally intend to have a super long engagement but life sometimes has other plans. That's the premise of The Five-Year Engagement. The movie stars Jason Segel of How I Met Your Mother fame, and Emily Blunt who i couldn't place until i got home and looked her up. She was in The Adjustment Bureau.

This movie is a comedy and yes there are some good laughs in it but that doesn't change all the issues with this movie. First I like Jason Segel on TV but he cannot carry a film. The man just is not a lead role kind of guy. He does better as a wing man. Sooner or later people will stop expecting him to headline films. The star of this where most of the laughter in the theater came from was from Chris Pratt who played Bright on Everwood. damn that was a good show. Chris Pratt is Tom's best friend and a rude, crude guy who steals all the best lines. Every scene he's in is comedy gold, even the scenes later with Violet and her sister Suzie played by MadMen's Alison Brie having a fight in the voices of Elmo and Cookie Monster (C is for condom) are quite funny. Anyone moment where the funny bits don't involve Jason Segel. I found myself mildly entertained but it was very apparently that all the high points of which there are few were from the supporting cast, The pickle guy from the sandwich shop, Violet's coworkers int he psych department, the SAHD with a hunting fetish, its all from everyone but the male lead. In the scenes with just Tom and Violet even the ones that you are expected to laugh at fall flat.

I give this movie a wait for cable. The funny parts are laugh out loud funny but just too far between to make this a good comedy. This is a movie where you when the trailer doesn't excite you you know its not going to be worth it. Although the slideshow of Tom's past loves bit is pretty funny.

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