Friday, October 14, 2011

Walking down the aisle for my Graduation

After a lot of hemming and hawing and even asking here if i should even bother, i decided to attend my graduation. It seemed like a OK idea to graduate with my favorite uncle and say yes i did attend an actual graduation of my (i didn't go to my high school one i went to Coney Island instead).

As my graduation got closer i started to mildly panic and considered at least a dozen times blowing it off and heading to the beach.  The prospect of my mom visiting me which is always a terrifying experience was making me very antsy. My mom in my home makes me extremely uncomfortable for reasons i won't go into now. Some of my friends know and they still think its crazy i don't like it be trust me it doesn't work.

Well the day before my my graduation my mom was supposed to fly to the airport at 9am then we would later head up to Norfolk that night for the actual ceremony Saturday morning. Due to lots of crazy weather we didn't get her till after 3pm. We ended up getting on the road after a nice dinner at Cheesecake Factory.

The morning of the graduation it was a light drizzle and i couldn't find my uncle. He decided to drive down that morning and left late. i was standing inside waiting for him and he literally ran in as his line was walking into the arena. And then i don't know why but i started getting REALLY nervous. The walk down the aisle into the arena and i was shaking. I don't know what came over me but it wasn't until the keynote speaker that i calmed down. Something about me finally after 3 tries and more than 15 years since i graduated high school i finally could say i have my degree. It was surreal. I cheered loudly for my uncle and i smiled proudly when they handed me that rolled up fake piece of paper.
This is the gathering of the graduates before we enter.

Beginning of processional

Yep that's me and my favorite uncle.

I found my mom, aunt and C1 in the audience, C1 head down tapping away on her DS. I packed the earplugs since i wasn't sure how she would do in the arena. She managed to make it thru the ceremony and wasn't stimming too badly when it was over. My mom quickly got outside and across the street away from the crowds with her. The rain was light but took a funny step walking back down the aisle and hurt my knee.  It was an amazing feeling of relief when it was over and after some quick talking and hugs we said goodbye to my aunt and uncle and i drove my mom to the airport. It really hit me when she hugged me goodbye and whispered "i'm really proud of you" My mom usually says critical things to me so that really meant a lot to me. C1 and i quietly found a Sonic and drive home. I called my grandma on the ride home and told her i'll be at her beach house in the morning.

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