Thursday, August 18, 2011

Staying on track for school with lists

C1 has been back in school for a month now. Things are going pretty interesting as always, i've already been to open house, met all her teachers and traded more emails than a little bit. I know that may should like a lot but this is just the status quo for me. i need to stay on top of how she's doing in school, make sure the teachers have all read her IEP and that if we need to make some changes because of her autism i need to stay in the loop.

Middle school as i've said before is a different animal, so many teachers to keep track of plus the various deadlines. We had an issue at the beginning of the school year where the grades were not being updated on the website (this is not the teachers fault it was a system wide issue) but for a parent like me who uses it to see which assignments actually get turned it it's a huge disadvantage to work with. Without an email reminder from a teacher i had no way of knowing that 2 projects C1 worked on, never made it to school to be turned it. A third project i found sitting on the sofa an hour after she left for school. This weekend is catch up weekend. Since the system is finally working i can see fully whats missing and we can spend all weekend working on incomplete or finished but not turned in assignments. One of the ways i've been doing it is using

I discovered List Plan It roughly 2 years ago on twitter. I had seen updates from Type A Mom conference and clicked thru a few links to give it a whirl. I am a list fanatic, always have been. Finding this site was amazing to me and after a few days i bought a membership. Since then i usually spend my friday nights or early saturday mornings since i get up before C1, working on my lists for the weekend. I've used them for lots of reasons, packing for trips, getting ready for a conference, schedules for team snacks, and now i'm incorporating it into my PTA stuff so i can stay on top of that. (i still can't believe i got roped into that again). Here's a sample of one of the Back to School Planner

The lists i find myself using most often are, Homework Schedule, Afterschool Planner - which is hung on C1's door, Weekly and Weekend To Do. This year I started using the reading lists as a way for her to keep track. She reads an incredible amount but frequently checks out the same books. I'm hoping by keeping track she can stop getting some of the same books and aim for new ones. Plus i've added a policy where i get to pick a book she must read every 60 days. So far i've filled the list with the mom's choice books.

The Membership costs $25 for print only access and $30 for download, which gives you the flexibility to not only use them when offline but several of the list you can edit with your own values then print them completed. All lists are in PDF form. There are also eplanners which are specific to a particular use, Like Homeschool or Travel. The eplanners are only $7. You can do a free trial and print some of the more popular lists from the collection of well over 100. The trial is what hooked me, i printed them all and used them. There is even a newsletter where each week a different list is highlighted.

I can't stress how much this lists have helped me and i'm glad for this site.

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