Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Heath Shuler wins!!

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Y'all thought since its the day after the election this post we be all about yesterday? Then hello there you must all be new.

So besides Heath Shuler proving he's better at politics then football there was an election yesterday. I waited in an unusually long line and was totally miffed that more people were there then last year when school board elections happened. But i don't really want to rehash my shouting match with a campaigning candidate who happened to be running last year who didn't appreciate me telling her i didn't vote for her. But that was last year!
So yesterday in my world after i did my civic duty and walked a separate path so completely avoiding the just at the line campaigners.

In other news it was just your average Tuesday.

So what else happened? Oh yeah Sunday was Halloween.

This year C1 decided that she was too old to go trick or treating. Then after some lunch time conversations she found out a good percentage of her classmates were going out but not with their parents but in groups.
I know that while lots of NT kids may be ready to go out in groups and that C1 would be ready the thing is she doesn't have any friends close enough that would invite her to the group. These are things i've long since accepted that certain things we take for granted just won't be happening. C1 seemed to be acutely aware of the lack of a group and decided she didn't want me around so it was best to stay home and hand out candy. Something we've never done.

I know she wasn't thrilled about this option because i know she is one of the few kids on the spectrum that has always done halloween. She's not in it for the candy she loves the idea of a costume and getting to look in other people's houses. For years we've gone out she's happily walked up to every non-scary house (i stopped going up to the door when she was 8 and could say Trick or Treat) She'd take whatever was offered no special requests because if it wasn't Reese's peanut butter cups she wouldn't eat it anyway. i then got to take the multiple gallon sized bags to work for my greedy coworkers to devour. They sure did love that i had a kid who didn't eat candy by choice.

So this year i bought just one bag of candy. C1 designed a sign for the door and waited. We ended up getting no visitors. I'm willing to bet our neighbors did what we have been doing for years, going to the subdivision across the street. No big deal it was a nice quiet day and i spent mos tof it watching Rocky Horror. i call that a win.
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