Monday, October 25, 2010

Idle hands

Idle hands are bad lets just get that out of the way. We all know what happens when you have idle hands. 

So the Swedes are gone and i've talked to bossman a few times to tie up lose ends all while not getting a paycheck, but i'm not really complaining about that. I had been preparing for this layoff by stacking appointments for the kid (yay neuro we like, boo bill for more dental work) and purging because i miss purging. I am a minimalist at heart without enough free time to get it done. Now with all the appointments and specialists and consults done for a few more months i'm free to clean my house... and see R rated movies.

You have no idea how great it is to get to see a movie on the big scene thats not rated G, and to go alone in the middle of the day in an mostly empty theatre where everyone else is at least 30 years older, and there are no crying babies and whiney ass kids kicking your seat. Bliss.


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