Saturday, December 27, 2008

Grandma needs an upgrade

I decided to make all day Friday about spending time with my grandmother after plans with another friend fell through. She got a new to her computer and she needed me to hook it up. Well i also had to transfer files etc from the old machine. Its 9 years old. it was probably the most painful task on the planet. So after i spent hours taking stuff off the old machine i went though the motions of setting up the new one. nice easy 15 minutes but because its new to her there's an administrator lock on it and i needed to get in there to install stuff. after a few phone call of my grandmother guilting the guy that was supposed to do this for her i got the password and finished the setup. here's the kicker she still has ao-hell dial up. and i don't think they still send out those cd's anymore. we did find an old version 5 laying around but now I'm trying to get her a new calling plan because the money she's spending for dial-up AOL and the phone line is insane.

I just called her with the new price and she didn't believe it could be that cheap but she wants me to hook it up for her so she's not ready to switch. then she reminds me. i left my new expensive watch at her house. lovely. can't wait till my mom notices i did that.

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