Sunday, June 8, 2008

The best present is time

Thanks for the birthday well wishes. I decided that i was going to be happy for once and so me and TOM went to Westchester for our birthday weekend. Of course there's more to that story then just that.

A few days after Duran Duran i decided that birthday # 31 wasn't going to be miserable and i actually told TOM that since he sort of ruined my 30th he needed to do this for me. He hemmed and hawed about not having any money but since i decided not to get that LCD TV i have my stimulus check money just sitting in my bank account. So based on a recommendation I attempted to book a weekend stay at Dorral Arrowood. Apparently so did a bunch of people because i couldn't get a reservation for anything more then Saturday night. After so mini panic attacks i ended up switching to another place in the area that had space for a 2 night getaway. TOM was still giving me flack abut him having to cancel a job or 3 and wanted to stay 1 in jersey because its closer WTF? then he only wanted to be away Sunday night, so i told him I'd cancel the whole thing. You know I'm not usually a bitch about this stuff but I'm tired of giving in so i put my foot down for the 1st time in forever.

I took off from work and drove up Friday night. I also decided I'd get 1 more thing in for my trip. Saturday was my grandma's birthday so i decided to surprise her and show up unannounced at her doorstep. I almost missed her because she was on her way to atlantic city. I shocked the hell out of her but i was so glad i got to see her. I picked up om because i planned on doing early check-in. something told me that if i didn't we might be SOL. I even told him that he had better be ready and not make me wait 30 minutes outside for him like normal. I swear the man takes more time then any woman i know to get ready. Of course when he came out the door 7 minutes later i should have been suspicious. i ended up driving to 2 separate places in brooklyn to pick up his meals for the weekend. we left an hour later then scheduled and of course got stuck in traffic on the grand central. We got to the place around 5:30pm and i go to check in. You know why i barely got the reservation? there were 8 weddings and a bar mitzvah going on. 2 of the wedding receptions and one actual wedding were being held on property. Oh and sunday there was a children's birthday party at the indoor pool and monday a conference for Thomson Reuters. busy busy. there was also construction going on in the lobby. Surprisingly this wasn't an issue because our room was wonderful and we weren't exactly going to be out and about much.

Can i just say the food at the restaurant 80 West was amazing? i haven't had food that great in years. The hotel has fire pits outside that they lit int he evening, a walking trail and a lounge. while we were leaving dinner someone decided to go place the piano that was in the lobby. Sunday we drove into white plains to see Speed Racer on IMAX. As we were leaving they called security on some women at sex and the city, it was funny to watch. the night of my birthday i actually got dressed up for dinner and we sat and had a beautiful views from looking out on the sunset. it was great all around except TOM got sick shortly after we got back to the room.

It was still the best birthday's I've had in years and the one thing I'll take away is that over the course of the weekend he said clear out the blue that he was so happy we did this.

And he said it 4 times.

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