Sunday, January 6, 2008

New year old drama

Happy New year everyone. I know I've been a bit behind because i was in Wrong Island for thew holidays. But lets get to the details huh?

I mostly got up to JFK without any issues. the taxi did call me 45 minutes early (ie 4:45am) to see if i would accept an earlier pickup time. Yeah i wanted to hurt somebody when i got to the terminal and JetBlue doesn't even open till 5:45am. I just waited around the terminal for about 25 minutes just so i could check my bags. After getting into town i hit the ground running with errands and whatnot. I must have got dragged everywhere Sunday. The rest of the week went pretty fast paced. I had people to see pretty much every day. I was supposed to go bowling with Mike but after 4 failed attempts i just let it go. Miscommunication meant i didn't see TOM till Thursday when he came over for dinner and an official meet the parents type thing. I mean he's known both of them and has met them in passing lots of times but this was the first scheduled time where the 4 of us sat around talking for a few hours. He also floated the move to ATL idea that i so hoped he wouldn't. Thursday was also the day i was scheduled to have a mammogram after finding a lump. The good news is I'm not dying any faster then usual and after several hours they sent me home with a clean bill of health. Of course though one of the girls was sore for pretty much a full 24 hours. I saw everyone i attempted to see and spent Christmas day at my grandmother's. my brother lost 60 lbs in prison. which i must say he looks really good. he went in overweight and now he's back to his old self. Even spent most of the night hitting on one of my cousin's friends. The boy has not changed. I didn't see my other brother or my nephew. I also didn't see my grandfather or father because both were too sick to come home.
C1 dad decided to be an ass and wait till Christmas eve to work out Christmas day plans. even after i told him tough because i made plans when he didn't call i ended up leaving my grandmother's early so i called and offered to drop c1 off at his sister's house as long as he brought her home. it was only 7pm and he gave me some song and dance about having to work and that he'd wait till Sunday. He did slightly redeem himself by coming over to the house on her birthday after work just to give her a bday present. I guess he's trying.

Oh i almost forgot Christmas eve! we went to Jersey as usual for the 7 fishes dinner at my mom's best friend's house. this year had 19 adults 8 or so kids (i lost count) and 1 dog. It was great as usual and there was lots of food left over so i ate good for several days afterward. We also stopped at my mom's sister's house since we were already in Jersey. We were there about 25 minutes which was 18 minutes too long.

Of course i was ready to go home about 2 days before i did and my mom's husband managed to irritate and grate the longer i was in that house. I did have a good Christmas though because I got an iPhone. I'll post a picture of it eventually but right now I'm just trying to figure out how to use the stupid thing since there's NO MANUAL. But the bigger news is that my mom listened and got me what i asked for. So whoever had an iphone in this years pot won. Hmm that also means I've got about 4 years of weird presents on the horizon.

At least i'm home and getting back into the groove of things. i really missed my bed, that aerobed is much to close to the floor.

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