Sunday, October 21, 2007

Getting Motivated

I swear i must be moving in slo-mo because I'm exhausted. This was a happily quiet week at work but Friday was my day off. C1 had to get her braces tightened and see the doctor. I got a much needed afternoon nap in. (even if it was only 40 minutes) we then headed out to the state fair where i had a extremely satisfying deep-fried snickers. Getting home from the fair proved to be interesting and i was very thankful for the new nav-system my mom got me after the disastrous drive home from DC last month. I've sitting here not doing my finance homework and looking over the spoils from yesteray's auction at c1's school. While she was upset she didn't win the webkinz raffle, she was thrilled that i did get the winning bids for a printmaking session with her art teacher and a birthday party for 6 at the movie theatre/restaurant. She was getting a party anyway and my bid saved me $20. i also got a $25 dry cleaning gift certificate for $14. so i made out in multiple ways.

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