Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hey that's not the color i wanted

Friday morning was c1's orthodontic appointment to get the spacers. We were on our way to the new office which is in a brand new office park so even though it was across the street from my favorite Starbucks we got lost trying to find the right building. So we get there and man i though the other office was nice, but this one has a more adult presence with all the mahogany and plasma TVs. While we waited c1 played on the game bike Its a reclined exercise bike hooked up to a video game system and you have to pedal while you play. Very cool concept.

anyway c1 elected for me not to go with her for her xrays and spacers. she wasn't even in there long but she came out with the title line. her spacers were blue and she was not happy. she was hoping for hot pink but i was informed because this is the brand new open less then a month location they only had one color option. i was also informed the spacers just might fall out because they went in 'really easy'. I then drove up the street to her school and onto work. That afternoon i called her dad hoping maybe by telling him she got the spacers he'd change his original comment about not being able to pitch in because he couldn't make his rent in his brand new apartment. He says well I'll be able to give a few payments like i said last time. Last time? he then went on to say don't be surprised if you get a check in the mail from me with some fo the braces money. I swear if i do I'm scanning it and posting it as my computer background. IF its more then $20. first payment is due on the 7th.

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