Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Called on account of rain

Well it damn well should have been. Last night we and C1 went to see the Bulls during the company outing. My job has a separate reserved section with free food and drink but it was raining before we got there (welcome change from the highest temp ever recorded of 105) When we arrived about 20 minutes after game time, it was a very light drizzle. We ate walked around the stadium, i talked to some coworkers and then around 8:30 she said lets hit the gift shop and go home. I found out today from some of the others that stuck around the game finally started a little after 9pm. I guess that means no trading in tickets for another trip.

In other news I'll be adding a new (possibly regular) post on Friday called shirt of the week. Since this blog is called jeans and a t-shirt and since my job has relaxed the dress code for the past 3 weeks due to the heat i have been basically living in my favorite clothes the whole time. So starting with this friday i will post a picture of one of the t-shirts i own and where i got it from.

Tell your friends!

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