Friday, June 8, 2007

so ready to sleep

C1 went to visit her grandparents Thursday morning. Yet another day of craziness as i attempted to get her packed and ready t o go so she could catch a 6am flight up to JFK. I made it with 4 hours to spare. It has been a harrowing week. The last day of school was Wednesday, yay no pta duties till July. (hey small blessings) She had softball practice Tuesday and Kumon Wednesday after school so not much time to get anything done. Oh and did i mention i made a mad dash to target somewhere in between leaving work and getting her from afternoon just to buy luggage? I'm now the proud owner of a matching 6-piece set of blue luggage.

For those of you that followed me over here C1 managed to pass 3rd grade by the skin of her teeth. No thanks to NCLB she managed an impressive above average reading score (better then the school and state average) and a 1 point above passing math score. So she gets to go on to 4th grade next month. I'm home alone but i have a final in my political science class. I'm also taking this wonderful 2 weeks of piece and quiet to clean my house and rearrange the furniture. I'll do my best to keep myself out of the hospital.

First stop the abyss that is C1's room.

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