Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Movie Review: Step Up Revolution

Dance movies? Clearly people like dance movies since we are in the 4th release from the Step Up Franchise this time Step Up Revolution. And its in 3D, Yes. it. is. But this is also the franchise that had Channing Tatum in the first movie.

This time around we have Sean (Ryan Guzman) who with his best friend has a crew that does flash mobs around the city of Miami. After partying in the beach club where he works he meets a girl Emily (Kathryn McCormick) Who was a finalist from So You Think You Can Dance season 6. I watch the hell out of that show. The movie features quite a few people who are either former contestants, Twitch and Travis Wall who is a head choreographer, or judges Mia Michaels and producer Adam Shankman. This movie is almost an all-star tour, in 3D. Emily is a dancer and also the daughter of the hotelier who owns the place Sean works at and because we need some level of drama he plans to buy the neighborhood Sean lives in and tear it down.

We have flash mob, boy meets girl, girl fights with daddy, girl dances for dance company, girl joins flash mob, MORE dancing, crappy dialog, Mia Michaels being Mia although her name is Claudia, flash mob gets rebellious, best friends fight, flash mob implodes, best friends make up, flash mob dazzles all.

Really that's about it. The acting sucks, the story is contrived and there's 5 flashmob numbers. i would have been happier just watching them on youtube which is part of the premise of the movie they are trying to get 10 million hits on youtube with the flashmob videos to win $100,000.

I give this movie a wait for cable. The dancing is great but there is never a good enough storyline to carry you  to the next dance number. I sat there bored and yawned several times in between numbers. I'd much rather watch them on youtube.

Step Up revolution is rated PG-13 oddly enough. Not sure why its not sexual or violent. It opens July 27th.


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